Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Aldridges

As you can see I have not posted anything for a year on this, thus proving that I still haven't figured it out, or even spent the time to do so. But we did finally get internet at our house, so maybe our blog will improve. However, don't get your hopes up too much!

Updates on us: Scott is in his LAST semester at UNC. He will graduate on May 8th with 2 degrees in Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism! We are pretty excited for that day to come. It has seemed to take forever (and it has) but the end is finally in sight. I am also in my final semester of classes at CSU and will do my student teaching in the fall and will graduate in December. I'm not sure where I will be student teaching at yet. That will all depend on if Scott gets a job and if we have to move to Timbuktu... (or Kansas which has plenty of weather, one or the other). We are staying optimistic as to where we might be moving to sometime this year. My sister is expecting her first baby, a girl- Jaela Marie- at the end of May, so I'm sure hoping we can move to Grand Junction so I can play with her all the time. (We'll see on that one!)

Scott is working for the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder and is in "Meteorologist Heaven" with all the fun technology he gets to play with. I'm still working at a Law Firm. And that's about all that is new with us. We stay constantly busy with school stuff... That is our lives as of late. Soon that will change and we are excited for new beginnings.


JaneH said...

Oh Cortney - What a nice surprise to see you doing a new blog. We love keeping up with you Guys,and reading your blog is a great way.
What a busy couple you ar. I know how much you are looking forward to school being over and maybe you can spend more time together. We love you two. Come see us.

Jodi said...

Is it bad of me to be wishing the job hunt keeps you closer to us? LOL I guess Grand Junction would be ok, not too far...but the weather there can't be too exciting very often. Beats Lamar tho! LOL